When the opportunity came along to rent a unique building at 149 Hespeler Road in Cambridge, the idea of C-Sabine and the Green Skills Club was born.

About Sabine

At the age of 13 Sabine dreamed of becoming a florist which, growing up in the Netherlands, isn't too strange of a dream. While enjoying all levels possible in floral education, Sabine’s urge to pass on the knowledge she had grew stronger and stronger. At the age of 26 she stood in front of 16 to 21 year old lovers of floral design and taught the business, customer service, Latin names, and design aspects of floral design.

7 years later she moved to Ontario, Canada where she soon learned her design style was too “European” for the trend at the time, and ended up working in the retail aspect of the field, at a garden center. This opened a whole new world where she could put her earlier gained knowledge to the test.

Creating planters and designing gardens turned out to work on the same principles of design and their customers fell in love with her European touch. Meanwhile Sabine truly enjoys all the connections she makes with customers, many of which she now calls great friends.

Sabine is best known for her enthusiasm for anything growing and flowing, many call her a true flower ambassador; a title she wears with pride. She enjoys to travel for floral conventions, training, competitions and events and is an international award winning designer in garden and floral design.